Heart of Hospice cares for you...

There is much to be said for desiring a meaningful and peaceful end-of-life experience. Sometimes letting go of aggressive treatment in return for quality of life is a difficult choice, therefore, the decision should be made through a frank and honest discussion between the patient, their loved ones and their physician(s). Palliative and hospice care should be seriously considered.

Heart of Hospice began as a heartbeat. A heartbeat driven by the idea that hospice care should be available to all who need it and tailored to each patient. A heartbeat that got louder and was supported by the belief that hospice care should affirm life and give patients and families support and guidance in their greatest time of need. This heartbeat was supported by individuals who agreed with the philosophy of patient-centered care and that it should drive every operation of the organization. This heartbeat grew louder and was nourished until six years ago when the amazing concept came to fruition. The result of the individuals who said it could be done is hospice care for terminally ill patients that is delivered and driven by excellence. We welcome you with open hearts. This is Heart of Hospice.

Our Mission

We believe in the quality of life and acknowledge the humanness in every individual. Our team strives to provide our patients with a peaceful transition, while continuing to promote dignity and respect. We place our trust and confidence in the hospice philosophy and commit to care that supports our patients and their families throughout their journey.

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