About Us

Heart of Hospice is built upon the core values of faith, excellence, compassion, respect and integrity. These core values makes us unique because they drive every aspect of every service we provide. We believe all patients are unique. Pain, grief and family dynamics are as diverse as our culture. These core values and beliefs are what have allowed us to give care and show concern for all of our patients while aiming to surpass ordinary. We developed a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week nursing team to answer questions, assist with concerns, or even to make house calls after hours and on weekends. We admit patients anytime, day or night. We contact our families to schedule admissions immediately upon receiving their doctor’s order. Our swift responses and attention to detail are what give our patients peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

Heart of Hospice recognizes over the course of time a relationship of trust and confidence is established with a patient's physician. We honor and respect that. Therefore, your personal physician can care for you while you are with Heart of Hospice. Our entire team, including our own Hospice and Palliative Care Board Certified Medical Director, will communicate with your physician regarding your care and share your progress. We strive to nurture this established trust while providing assurance to the patient and their family during this difficult time.

Our team provides the medications, all durable medical equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis. We manage the entire range of medical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Another goal of Heart of Hospice is to manage the entire spectrum of needs in a specialized and efficient way. This allows the family to relax and concentrate on the patient’s needs. The gift you receive while on Heart of Hospice simply affirms life.